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Do You Need a Policy Manual to Get Licensed?

A customized policy and procedure manual is one of the most important steps and documents needed to become a licensed personal care home, or private home care provider.  In order to get licensed and approved as a residential care home provider, the policy and procedure manual and operations forms must pass inspection based on Georgia state's specific rules and regulations. 

Did you know?

  • The wrong policy manual and forms will be declined.
  • The wrong content and topics in the manual will get it revised, or declined.
  • The policy rules and regulations must be state specific, not generic.
  • A generic policy manual will not pass the state surveyor's detailed inspection.

Every state will want the policy information in a different way.  Meaning the topics, content, policy order, information, and rule numbers will be different.  One policy manual will not and cannot fit a different state's requirements.

We create customized policy manuals for the state Georgia. We have created and developed customized policy and procedure manuals that are specific to the license you need.  

Our care home consultants write all the content, proofread, edit, and send you the finished policy manual directly to your email inbox in Microsoft Word format.  Again, our policy and procedure manuals are researched and written based on your specific state's rules, regulations, standards and codes. 

We Create and Customize the Following Procedure Manuals:  


  • Personal Care Home (PCH) - Code 111-8-62 for a license to provide 24/7 care in a residential home for those 18 and over, usually elderly.
    • Best Value: Your investment comes with the personal care home policy manual, personal care home handbook, operations forms, and checklist to set up home.
  • Private Home Care Provider (PHCP) Policy Manuals - Code 111-8-65 for a non-medical home care agency for private care in other's homes.
    • Best Value: Your investment comes with the home care policy manual, home care handbook, operations forms, and marketing plan to get clients.
  • RevisionsWill be made for six-months from date of signed agreement based on state surveyors request, if needed. 

Our Purchasing Process:

  1. Email: to request a proposal for your review and consideration.
  2. If you decide to move forward with the proposal and make it an agreement, then you will sign and date proposal, and email it back to our office.
  3. Then a consultant will sign and date the proposal and email the executed copy to you for your records.
  4. Once the executed agreement if official, the process will be processed using the credit card listed on the signed agreement.
  5. Once the payment has cleared the purchased documents will be emailed immediately in Microsoft Word and/or PDF format for your perusal.

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